An opera about two lonely sock puppets and their quest for love.
Screened at the Miami Short Film Festival in November 2008.


Tom Diamond, Director; Krista Dalby, Writer; Anthony Young, Composer; Jason Tan, Director of Photography; Aren Hansen, Editor; Marty Stelnick & Todd Doldersum, Puppeteers; Peter Pavlovsky, Bass; Amber Ghent, Cello; Ryan Scott, Percussion; Christopher Foley, Piano; Anita McAllister, Trumpet; Anna Redekop, Viola; Rebecca Van der Post, Sarah Fraser-Raff, Violin; Keith Klassen & Peter McGillivray, Vocals; Anne Thompson, Flute; Claire Scholtz, Oboe; Isabel Gomez-Moriana, Susan Worthington & Wayne Strongman, Producers


“Librettist Krista Dalby and composer Anthony Young have written a funny and charming love story about two single grey socks who can finally end their lives of loneliness. The music is beautiful and the singing strong by [Keith] Klassen and baritone Peter McGillivray.”

– John Terauds Toronto Star